Reading Challenges

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2018 Vintage Mysteries

Challenge: Vintage Mystery Challenge 2018: Just the Facts, Ma’am
Host: My Reader’s Block
Time Period: January 1 – December 31, 2018
Rules: Read vintage mysteries that answer the questions “Who,” “What,” “Where,” “When,” “Why,” and “How” (click picture for more information).
Books Read:
1. Ngaio Marsh, A Man Lay Dead — What (reference to a man in the title)
2. Lois Austen-Leigh, The Incredible Crime — Why (author I’ve never tried)
3. Elizabeth Daly, Unexpected Night — How (at least two deaths by different means)
4. Miles Burton, Death in the Tunnel — Where (mode of transportation)
5. Dorothy L. Sayers, Have His Carcase — Who (crime-solving duo)


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