Get ready…

The 24-hour read-a-thon is tomorrow!

Are you participating? If so, will you be a reader, cheerleader, or both? Are you going to get a good night’s sleep or stick it out for the full 24 hours? And most importantly, what are you planning to read?

Here’s what’s on my “maybe” shelf: (1) Cassandra Rose Clarke, The Assassin’s Curse; (2) Ellen Raskin, The Westing Game; (3) Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl; (4) Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys; (5) M.M. Kaye, Death in Zanzibar; and (6) Kristan Higgins, My One and Only. I most likely won’t get to all of these, but I like to be prepared!

I’ve also decided not to attempt the full 24 hours this time. I have things to do on Sunday and unfortunately won’t be able to sleep the day away! Instead, I’ll  shoot for 16 hours. I’m looking forward to a long, leisurely day of reading and participating in the read-a-thon events. I’ll set up a progress post tomorrow and update it throughout the day — hope to see you there!

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