Vintage Mysteries 2012 Challenge Completed!

Today I completed the 2012 Vintage Mystery Challenge hosted by My Reader’s Block!

The challenge was to read eight vintage mysteries (published before 1960) that fit within a particular theme. I chose the “Golden Age Girls” theme, which required me to read eight vintage mysteries written by women. Here’s what I read:

  1. M.M. Kaye, Death in Kenya
  2. Georgette Heyer, Why Shoot a Butler?
  3. Josephine Bell, Death at Half-Term
  4. Josephine Tey, Brat Farrar
  5. Georgette Heyer, The Unfinished Clue
  6. M.M. Kaye, Death in Zanzibar
  7. Josephine Tey, The Man in the Queue
  8. Anna Katharine Green, The Leavenworth Case

Strangely enough, my favorite and least favorite books from this challenge were both by Josephine Tey! I really liked Brat Farrar, but The Man in the Queue did nothing for me. I enjoyed this challenge overall, though, and I look forward to starting the 2013 Vintage Mystery Challenge in a few short weeks!

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