23 thoughts on “Bout of Books 6.0 Goals and Progress

  1. owltype says:

    I have always wanted to join the marathon, but it always falls at a bad time for me. This week is especially inconvenient, as my four-day weekend shift is coming up soon, so I’ll spend most of my time at work. Ah, well. Maybe one year I’ll be able to join in the fun.

  2. Angelica @ Paperback Princess says:

    I think that’s a great plan! Have fun with it, read as much as you can. Sometimes with numbers you get disappointed when you don’t make it 😦 Another idea that another BoB Read-a-thon participant is doing is counting the no of pages read rather than the no of books read.

    My BoB Read-a-thon post.

    Good Luck for the week 😉

  3. Alexa says:

    Well any number of pages read are pages you have down in that massive book. I hope you are able to get a good chunk of it finished during the read-a-thon.

    Happy reading!

  4. Victoria Hooper says:

    Your p48 challenge response is awesome! Love it 🙂 Hope you’re still enjoying the reading – I think it’s a nice idea to go no-pressure and just make reading in general be the focus. My only reading goal is to finish the book I’m reading at the moment, as that seems pretty do-able given I’m a good way through it already, and I also didn’t want the reading to feel like a chore. 🙂

  5. Hanna @ Booking In Heels says:

    Thanks for joining in with the Page 48 challenge – I think your answer is my absolute favourite one so far 🙂

    I nearly picked a long book off the shelf for the read-a-thon too, but then I put it back in favour of YA and then Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea, which is tiny. I’m not trying to build up my page count or anything, but it does make you want to read more when you feel like you’re making progress.

    New follower! *waves*

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for the compliment and the follow! When I saw that one of the characters was called Dish, my mind immediately went to that nursery rhyme.

      I think you made the right choice in picking shorter books for this read-a-thon! The Old Man and the Sea is short, but it’s still substantial, so it seems like a great choice. Jealous of your YA pile, though! 🙂

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