Once Upon a Time VII Wrap-Up

Today marks the end of Carl’s Once Upon a Time VII event, which takes place every spring and which asks participants to read books from the genres of fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, and folklore.

Once Upon a Time VII

As always, there were many challenge levels to choose from, and I picked Quest the First: Read 5 books that fit into any of the requested genres.

Quest the First VII

I achieved my goal by reading the following:

  1. Mary Stewart, The Crystal Cave — The first book in a series retelling the Arthurian legend from Merlin’s point of view.
  2. Diana Wynne Jones, Fire and Hemlock — A contemporary (in the 1980s) interpretation of the folk ballads “Thomas the Rhymer” and “Tam Lin.”
  3. Robin LaFevers, Grave Mercy — A YA historical fantasy featuring romance and convent-trained assassins.
  4. Marie Brennan, A Natural History of Dragons– — A fantasy novel set in a world similar to 19th-century England, but with dragons.
  5. Robin LaFevers, Dark Triumph — Book 2 of the killer nuns!

I wasn’t a big fan of The Crystal Cave, but I liked all the other books I read for this challenge! Spring is the perfect time for a little magic, in my opinion. Looking forward to Carl’s R.I.P. challenge this fall!

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