Secret Santa Sign-Ups

I know Halloween just passed, and Thanksgiving is still a month away…but I can’t resist signing up for the 5th annual Secret Santa hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

A full description of the event, including the rules, is at the sign-up page. But basically, here’s what you do: (1) Email TBTB before November 14 with some info about yourself, including your mailing address and some books you’d like to get from Santa. (2) TBTB will email you back with the info for your giftee. (3) Go shopping! Mail your gift no later than December 15. (4) Email TBTB again when you receive a package from your Secret Santa. I’ve participated in this event for the last several years and have always enjoyed it. I think my favorite part has been picking out presents for my own Secret Santa! 🙂

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