24-Hour Readathon, Spring 2020

24hr readathon girl readingOnce again it’s time for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon! I haven’t been able to participate in the past few readathons because of various other commitments, but one of the few upsides of this unique global situation is that I’m forced to stay home, thus ensuring a whole day of uninterrupted reading time! I likely won’t read for the full 24 hours — I’m pretty desperate for a good night’s sleep! — but I’ll be reading for most of my waking hours. 🙂 I’ll mainly be updating via Twitter, but I’ll check in here periodically as well. Happy reading, everyone!

Update: Well, clearly my comment about updating my readathon progress here was a big fat lie! But I had a really fun time and finished four books:

Death of the NecromancerWhen Dimple Met RishiScrapbook of Frankie PrattIsabella

I read 1,170 pages altogether and read up to Hour 16. I’m looking forward to participating again in the fall!

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