Review: All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan HigginsKristan Higgins, All I Ever Wanted

Callie Grey has spent years pining for her gorgeous boss Mark, and after an intense hook-up on a business trip, she’s convinced that Mark has finally realized she’s the one. So when he reveals that he’s in a serious relationship with one of her co-workers, Callie is devastated. She knows she should try to get over him, but part of her keeps whispering that the two of them are meant to be. Still, she makes a few attempts to move on, including scoping out the new veterinarian in town, Ian McFarland. Ian is handsome enough, but he’s also cold and stand-offish — and he doesn’t seem to like Callie one bit. Nevertheless, Callie’s cheerful, stubborn disposition won’t allow her to give up on Ian, and she soon finds herself developing feelings for him. But when Mark begins showing signs of interest in Callie again, will she choose the man she’s always wanted or the man who truly wants her?

I’ll admit it: I set aside my very long book about the Hundred Years’ War so that I could jump right into some romance. 🙂 As with the other Kristan Higgins books I’ve read, I enjoyed this one. Callie is a lovable heroine, who may have occasional “emotional diarrhea” (in the words of our hero) but is also sweet-natured and patient with everyone around her. As for Ian, well, what’s not to like about a guy who is described as looking like a Russian assassin but who is petrified of a group of 5-year-old girls? I think Too Good to Be True is a bit more polished than this book — maybe this is an earlier effort; I’m not sure. But it’s still a fun read and a great way to spend an evening!

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