meme - tune in tuesday katelyn

So I actually had a Tune in Tuesday post all ready a few days ago. It was going to feature a Christmas song that I really enjoy (since Christmas is only a week away, you guys!). But then I saw “How I Met Your Mother” last night and couldn’t resist the song they played over the ending montage! For those of you who saw “The Final Page: Part 2” (8×12), wasn’t it a wonderful song choice for that moment? Here’s “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic:


8 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: All my desperate calls echo off the walls

  1. Oh my word, this is incredible! I must download it now! I also love How I Met Your Mother. I’m not caught up with the show, though… I think I’m behind a season. If this song is featured, though, I have to catch up soon! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Yay, glad you liked it! I’ve been a loyal watcher of “HIMYM” for years…I think I’ve seen every episode. The last few seasons haven’t been as good, in my opinion, but I’ve invested so much that I’m sticking with it!

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