Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: Kick-start my rock ‘n’ roll heart

meme - tune in tuesday katelynDo you guys remember Jimmy Eat World? They had some radio hits when I was in high school, and I’ve always liked them, though I never became a hardcore fan. But my brother had their CD (Bleed American), and this was my favorite track. Something about the driving pulse of the song, combined with the lyrics (and, let’s face it, the nod to “Crimson and Clover”), just works for me. So here you go with this week’s pick, “A Praise Chorus”:

13 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: Kick-start my rock ‘n’ roll heart

  1. owltype says:

    Love this song!

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I began a new blog here on WordPress. It’s just another reading blog. I thought it’d be nice to have one on another format so I could (hopefully) attract more/new readers. 🙂 My URL is igrewupkissingbooks.wordpress.com.

  2. Lianne @ rulethewaves.net says:

    Jimmy Eat World! They were totally my jam in high school/early undergrad. “A Praise Chorus” was one of my favourite tracks off that album, so catchy and uplifting. I still play it from time to time. (Favourite album from them has to be Futures though–the rifts in that album were amazing ❤ )

      • Lianne @ rulethewaves.net says:

        I sort of stopped following their albums a few years ago…the latest one I listened to (which came out around 2010? I remember listening to it before going on my exchange) didn’t click with me and felt rather pale in comparison to their earlier stuff 😦

        Futures came out around 2004 and was the follow-up to Bleed American. I highly recommend that album 😀 *goes off to listen to it herself*

        • Christina says:

          That happens a lot with bands that have been around a long time, I’ve found. Sister Hazel was one of my very favorite bands growing up, but their last album (or at least the last one I know about) was very disappointing.

  3. Jena Leigh says:

    Aaaannnnd cue the high school flashbacks!!! I had completely forgotten about this song, but as soon as the beat started it all came rushing back. I *might* have sang this song at the top of my lungs just now… That could have happened. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that! I was never a huge Jimmy Eat World fan, either, but A Praise Chorus and The Middle were kind of my anthems in high school. It was a nice trip down memory lane!

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