Bookish Update: January 2013

List-maker that I am, I thought it might be fun to collect some bookish statistics and post them at the end of every month. I’ll list the books I read, the books I acquired, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Currently reading: Phillip Rock, The Passing Bells

Books read in January (all reviews can be found on the Review Index page):

  1. Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
  2. Lauren Morrill, Meant to Be
  3. Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
  4. Anna Gavalda, Hunting and Gathering
  5. Patricia Moyes, Dead Men Don’t Ski
  6. Gemma Burgess, The Dating Detox

Favorite book of the month: Hunting and Gathering — a beautiful love story with depth.

Least favorite book of the month: The Night Circus — gorgeous setting, but no real plot or character development.

Books acquired in January:

  1. Kristan Higgins, Until There Was You
  2. Julia Quinn, Just Like Heaven
  3. Kristan Higgins, Somebody to Love
  4. Umberto Eco & Cardinal Martini, Belief or Nonbelief?: A Confrontation
  5. Tayeb Salih, The Wedding of Zein and Other Sudanese Stories
  6. Patricia Moyes, Dead Men Don’t Ski
  7. Anna Dean, A Woman of Consequence
  8. Alicia Thompson, Psych Major Syndrome
  9. Hester Browne, Swept off Her Feet
  10. Kathryn Miller Haines, When Winter Returns
  11. Gemma Burgess, The Dating Detox
  12. Cynthia Smith, Silver and Guilt
  13. Susanna Kearsley, The Shadowy Horses

4 thoughts on “Bookish Update: January 2013

  1. raidergirl3 says:

    Uh oh, your ratio of books read/books bought is not going to help your goal of getting rid of books. On the other hand, new books! I got a Kearsley book in the mail from a publisher, but haven’t read her before. What are her books like?

    • Christina says:

      Haha, it’s true…the books read/books bought ratio is not good at the moment. Oh well, at least I got some of them for free on Paperback Swap!

      I’ve read two of Kearsley’s books so far and liked both. They both featured two parallel storylines (one contemporary, one historical) that involved a present-day heroine researching about a historical era and getting much more involved than she bargained for. There’s also a romance, though it’s not the main focus. Overall, I haven’t been blown away by her work, but it’s solid historical fiction writing. Which one did you get?

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