Review: Psych Major Syndrome

Psych Major SyndromeAlicia Thompson, Psych Major Syndrome

Leigh has just started her freshman year at a small liberal-arts college in California that is renowned for both its unconventional academic structure (no grades!) and its intellectual rigor. A smart and driven psychology major, Leigh enjoys her classes but is dismayed by how competitive her fellow students are — and how eagerly they discuss senior thesis topics and grad school options. In addition to being intimidated by her classmates, Leigh is also worried about her love life. She and her high school boyfriend Andrew have been together for over a year, but their relationship seems to be fizzling. Then there’s Andrew’s roommate Nathan, who is openly hostile to Leigh for no apparent reason. In order to survive her college experience, Leigh must take her hard-won insights into psychology and apply them to her own life.

I decided to read this book primarily because of Janice’s review, but also because I really enjoy books set in college. I don’t understand why more books are not set in universities, as most people grow and change a lot during those four (or more) years. So I liked the college-y aspects of this book, such as Leigh’s close relationship with her roommate Ami. I also enjoyed the little tidbits about psychology that are sprinkled throughout the book, such as the definitions of psych-related terms at the beginning of each chapter. Otherwise, though, the book is quite predictable; the romance was cute but not particularly original or exciting. Overall it’s a fun, quick read that requires very little brain power, but it did keep me turning the pages.

One thought on “Review: Psych Major Syndrome

  1. żęłóćą says:

    są podległe sformułować pełnię rozpraw matrymonialnych,
    równocześnie spośród romantycznymi, jeśliby rozliczają iż posłannictwo się na
    nie spowoduje im daną zaleta. Są znacznie cyniczne i skoro no więc mogę ugadać – nieubłagane.
    W 4 epizodach na 5 jawnie porwane wzięciem dyskutuj do zebranego dobytku.

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