Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my spring TBR list

meme - top ten tuesdayI often don’t do the Top Ten Tuesday posts because it’s too hard for me to come up with, say, my 10 favorite female characters of all time. (All time! I just know I’m going to leave out someone really important!) But this week’s topic is extremely angst-free: the top 10 books on my spring TBR list. I’ve got tons of books I’m dying to read this spring, so here’s a random sample of them:

1. Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo — I feel it’s important for me to start the list with this impressive classic novel, since most of the rest of my picks will be fluffy romances. I have never read an unabridged version of this book, and now is the time! I’m four chapters in right now, and it’s actually quite a page turner.

2. Sarra Manning, Adorkable — Last year I read Manning’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me and thought it was really good, so now I’m trying to track down the rest of Manning’s work. Adorkable is a YA romance about opposites who can’t seem to stop snogging. (See? It’s already interesting, even though the plot isn’t exactly original — because of the snogging!)

3. Kristan Higgins, The Best Man — Kristan Higgins has a new book! OK, it actually came out last month, but it’s still exciting! There is a jilting at the altar, and also a winery. Sounds like fun to me!

4. Jennifer Echols, Star Crossed — I’ve been gobbling up Echols’ YA books, so why not give her first adult romance a try? I’m not normally super enthused about the romantic travails of Las Vegas publicists, but this is Jennifer Echols!

5. Jude Morgan, A Little Folly — Jude Morgan is one of those authors who deserves to be a lot better known, particularly among the Janeite crowd. Where do you go when you’ve already read all of Austen and Heyer? This guy! I really enjoyed both Indiscretion and An Accomplished Woman, so I have high hopes for this one too. I even splurged on the hardcover!

6. Patrick deWitt, The Sisters Brothers — I’m reading this one for a challenge I’m doing, not because I have any particular affinity for Westerns. But I’ve heard this one is really good, so why not? I snagged it from the library a little while ago, so I’ll need to get to it soon.

7. Mary Stewart, The Crystal Cave — Stewart’s Merlin trilogy has been on my shelves for far too long. Time to dust book #1 off and read it! I’m hoping that Carl V. will once again host his Once Upon a Time Challenge, which he’s been doing every spring; assuming he does, these books will be perfect!

8. Julie James, Love Irresistibly — This latest book in James’ FBI/U.S. Attorney series is coming out in April. Apparently the hero is Cade Morgan, Rylann’s handsome co-worker from About That Night — I totally called it!

9. Sharon Kay Penman,ย Time and Chance — I’m participating in a group read of this book over at LibraryThing, which is good because I read When Christ and His Saints Slept quite a while ago! Time to move on to book #2 in Penman’s series about the Plantagenets.

10. Candice Hern, A Proper Companion — I was lucky enough to win this book through a giveaway at Austenprose. That site compared Hern to Georgette Heyer and Lauren Willig, so I’m hoping to enjoy this book a lot!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my spring TBR list

    • Christina says:

      I just finished The Sisters Brothers! I liked it more than I thought I would, considering that it’s only my second Western. Review will hopefully be coming soon…I’m falling behind!

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