Review: A Girl Like You

A Girl Like YouGemma Burgess, A Girl Like You

Abigail Wood has just had a terrible realization: she doesn’t know how to be single. She’s been with the same man since college but is recently on the market again, and now she’s trying to navigate the London dating scene…with no clue what she’s doing. Her sister Sophie and best friend Plum shower her with well-meaning (and often contradictory) advice, but Abigail still seems to end up dating — and getting dumped by — the wrong men. Desperate, she seeks help from her flatmate Robert, a smooth-talking man who can seemingly get any woman he wants. Abigail decides to try Robert’s tips, and she’s shocked (and pleased) to discover that they actually work! Abigail becomes more confident in her career as well as her love life, and she’s never been happier. But when she meets a guy she really, really wants to impress, she’s suddenly not sure that she can keep following Robert’s advice.

I really loved Gemma Burgess’ first book, The Dating Detox, so when I found out she’d written another one, I put it on my wishlist immediately. I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint! If you like chick lit, I can’t recommend this author highly enough. Abigail is a fun heroine with a sassy, tongue-in-cheek style, and I think that she’s a very relatable character — sort of a much-less-obnoxious Carrie Bradshaw. I certainly can’t imagine myself doing some of the things that Abigail does, but it was fun to escape into her world for a while! I also loved Abigail’s friends, who have their own lives apart from her drama but who still manage to be there and support her. The overall plot of which man Abigail will end up with is fairly transparent, but it was still fun watching her realize it. I’m disappointed that I don’t have any more Gemma Burgess books to read…hopefully she’ll write another one soon!

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