Top Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR List

Top 10 Tuesday

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve participated in Top Ten Tuesday, but I’m trying to get back in the game! This week’s topic is ten books that are at the top of your summer TBR list. Because I participate in a lot of reading challenges, I tend to plan my reading in advance, so I’ll have no trouble coming up with a list for this topic! Unfortunately, they won’t all be stereotypically “summery” reads, but oh well, here goes…

1. Sophie Kinsella, Wedding Night — I enjoy Kinsella’s fluffy chick-lit novels, and this one is on hold for me at the library. Hopefully it will come in before summer’s over!

2. Poul Anderson, A Midsummer Tempest — The title alone makes this a perfect summer pick! After really loving The High Crusade, I’m excited to read something else by Poul Anderson. This one is obviously heavily influenced by Shakespeare, so count me in!

3. Sarah Addison Allen, The Girl Who Chased the Moon — This is the only SAA book I haven’t read yet, and I’ve been saving it. My birthday is in July, so I think I will treat myself!

4. Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers — I plan to read this next month because of Bastille Day…which, I realize, is kind of weird. 🙂

5. Charles Portis, True Grit — Summer seems like the perfect time to read a Western! I’ve never seen the movie (by which I mean the REAL movie with John Wayne, although I haven’t seen the remake either), but maybe I can do that this summer also.

6. Naomi Novik, Blood of Tyrants — This is book #8 in the Temeraire series, and it comes out in August. I can’t wait!

7. Lauren Willig, The Passion of the Purple Plumeria — The next Pink Carnation book comes out in August too. I’ve become so loyal to this series that I know I’ll have to read it right away!

8. Sharon Kay Penman, Devil’s Brood — A group of people over at LibraryThing are going to read this in August, and I’m planning to join since I read Time and Chance earlier this year. Time to see what kind of mischief those fiery Plantagenets are getting up to!

9. Amy Patricia Meade, Million Dollar Baby — No, this is not related to the Hilary Swank movie about the boxer. Rather, it’s a historical mystery set in the 1930s, which is basically my book kryptonite — I can’t resist! I’ve already ordered it from Amazon, and it should get here next week.

10. Jennifer Echols, Dirty Little Secret — I think this one’s coming out in July, and I’m really looking forward to it! Echols’ YA dramas always deliver.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR List

    • Christina says:

      Thanks! I once read The Three Musketeers too, but I think I was about 12, and it was probably an abridged version. I’d love to read it now that I’m old enough to understand the historical context!

    • Christina says:

      I’m really looking forward to it! The only sad part is that after I read it, I won’t have any “new” SAA books to look forward to (until next year, anyway!).

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