Review: Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little SecretJennifer Echols, Dirty Little Secret

Bailey Mayfield grew up playing classic country songs with her sister, Julie. They’d always planned to pursue a music career together, with Bailey on her fiddle and Julie playing guitar. But when a big record company signs Julie — and only Julie — Bailey is left out in the cold. She’s not even allowed to play music in public anymore because it might damage Julie’s career. Now Bailey is living in Nashville with her grandfather, and the only place she can play her fiddle is at the local mall, where she accompanies country musician impersonators. Everything changes, however, when Bailey catches the eye of Sam Hardiman, a fellow musician who wants Bailey’s fiddle in his band. He also seems to want Bailey herself, but will his dreams of stardom come between them? And will Bailey be able to follow her own path without ruining her sister’s life?

After being disappointed by Echols’ adult romance, Star Crossed, I’m happy to say that I really loved this book! I’m a sucker for plots that involve music and musicians, so this particular novel was right up my alley. I loved the descriptions of the Nashville music scene, which really made me want to experience it for myself! And of course, Echols does teen drama and swoony romance so well; Sam might be my favorite hero yet! I wasn’t totally crazy about the storytelling structure, though. We meet Bailey significantly after the record company snubbed her in favor of her sister, but we don’t really learn what’s happened to her until much later in the novel, so there are a lot of allusions to Bailey’s past that don’t make sense initially. I understand that writers do this to build suspense, and it can be effective, but here I just found it confusing. Still, that’s my one issue with a book I otherwise loved. YA and/or romance fans should definitely check it out!

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