Top Ten Tuesday: Best new (to you) authors

Top 10 TuesdayWe’re getting to that time of year where we start compiling the “best of” lists, and this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is the perfect example: the top 10 authors you’ve discovered in 2013. It was somewhat hard for me to compile my list, because I tend to go through long periods of catching up with authors I already like rather than discovering new ones. But here are 10 new-to-me-in-2013 authors that I’d like to read more of in the future (I’ve listed them alphabetically in the interest of fairness):

1. Anthony BerkeleyThe Poisoned Chocolates Case was so clever, such a wonderful exploration of the philosophy of the mystery novel, that I really want to get my hands on the rest of his books!

2. Gemma Burgess — If you like British chick lit, you should definitely check out Burgess’ well-written, romantic, exuberant novels. I really liked both The Dating Detox and A Girl Like You.

3. Edmund Crispin — I recently read The Case of the Gilded Fly, the first of a vintage mystery series featuring Oxford professor Gervase Fen. I haven’t had time to review the book yet, but I did enjoy it and am curious to try another Gervase Fen book.

4. Michael Innes — Yet another classic mystery author! I didn’t wholeheartedly love Hamlet, Revenge! while I was reading it, but once the solution was revealed, I was very impressed with how the whole thing hung together. I’ve already acquired another Innes book and look forward to reading it next year!

5. Robin LaFevers — I discovered the His Fair Assassin series this year and got completely sucked into it! Medieval Brittany + romance + killer nuns = yes please! If the idea appeals to you, do yourself a favor and pick up Grave Mercy.

6. Ben Macintyre — Over the past few years, I’ve become very interested in World War II, so I finally decided to try the intriguingly titled Operation Mincemeat. It’s a very well-researched yet extremely readable account of a crucial intelligence operation in the midst of WWII, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the period or in espionage.

7. Cheryl Mahoney — Perhaps I’ve gushed a little too much about The Wanderers recently, but I can’t help it — I really liked the book! It’s good old-fashioned epic fantasy fun, and fans of the genre should definitely give it a try!

8. Matt Beynon Rees — I read The Collaborator of Bethlehem this year and was fascinated by its depiction of daily life in the West Bank. While it’s a work of fiction, Rees himself is a journalist and spent time in the region, which lends authenticity to the book. I’m planning to read book #2 of the series, A Grave in Gaza, next year.

9. Mary Doria RussellDoc was so good (seriously, one of my top 10 books of the year, and I don’t even read Westerns) that I’m eager to get my hands on the rest of her work! Even though I wasn’t as thrilled with Dreamers of the Day, I’m optimistic about her oeuvre as a whole.

10. Patricia Wynn — She wrote a mystery series with Jacobites! And romance! Need I say more?

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