Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: In June I change my tune

Tune in Tuesday-pinkI stayed up way too late last night, watching the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale and then watching the Internet explode. (Count me among those who really, REALLY didn’t like it…maybe I’ll do a post later this week!) As a result, I was pretty much asleep with my eyes open all day, and I felt the need for some soothing, lullaby-ish music. So for this week’s Tune in Tuesday, I’m sharing an odd little piece called “Cuckoo!” composed by Benjamin Britten as part of a larger piece called “Friday Afternoons” (Op. 7), which is a set of 12 songs specifically composed for a children’s choir. This recording is by the Choir of Downside School, Purley, and was used in the soundtrack of “Moonrise Kingdom.” So, probably too much information. 🙂 But I hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: In June I change my tune

  1. hazelleevaughn says:

    What an interesting song! I’ve been wanting to watch Moonrise Kingdom, so thanks for the reminder. =) I only watched the first season of How I Met Your Mother and didn’t really enjoy it much, but even I could predict who he was going to end up with at the end! I have to say that the video interview with Jason and Neil doing the Les Miz song was pretty awesome though! =)

  2. Stephanie H. says:

    Interesting song. I hadn’t ever heard it before. I’m glad that I listened to it. 😀
    I also am going to write my thoughts down about the HIMYM finale. (Already started my post). But I didn’t hate it. (It frustrated me, but I didn’t hate it) I’m sorry that you did. I look forward to reading your thoughts about it too.

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