Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: Some shrill sad cannonade

So I know I’m a bit late to jump on this bandwagon, but Pandora has really been rocking my world lately! I highly recommend the Mumford and Sons station, where I’ve discovered a lot of really good songs — and this week’s Tune in Tuesday pick is one of them. Here’s “Serpentine” by Chris Bathgate:

I like its melancholy, dreamlike quality.

Also, I’m realizing that all my Tune in Tuesday picks thus far have featured male artists. I’ll have to post about some ladies who rock one of these days!

6 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: Some shrill sad cannonade

  1. talesofbooksandbands says:

    Better late than never! Pandora has introduced me to SO MANY new artists. It’s actually quite overwhelming at times but I love it. Chris is new to me but I also love the melancholy feel to hit. It really is catchy and calm at the same time!

    • Christina says:

      Hmm, I wonder if it’s some kind of weird gender-opposites thing. The vast majority of musical artists I like are male. And yet the vast majority of authors I like are female…I don’t pretend to understand it!

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