Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: ‘Cause for us there is no end

Tune In Tuesday Love Song Edition ButtonCheck it out: Tune in Tuesday is doing a theme month! From Katelyn’s blog:

It’s Tuesday, it’s February, and it’s the month of love. Do you know what this all means? Tune In Tuesday: Love Song Edition is here! For those of you that may not know, for the month of February, us Tune In Tuesday-ers will be posting our favorite love songs! For each Tuesday of this month I plan to post a few completely random (yet totally awesome!) love songs that I just, well…love!

I love a good love song, so I’m totally in for this theme! Beware — sappy gushing may be forthcoming. 🙂

If someone asked me right now to name my all-time favorite romantic song, it would be this one, “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hiatt. I love these lyrics: they’re passionate, they’re direct, and they lay it all on the line. Nothing fancy or clever here; just a full-throated, no-holds-barred declaration of love. This is the song I dream of dancing to at my (currently hypothetical) wedding.

9 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: ‘Cause for us there is no end

  1. Litza says:

    Oh this song… swoon! It makes me think of Benny & Joon every single time. I adore this song anyway, but add that movie and BAM! SO MUCH LOVE! I truly love it. Thanks for sharing!

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