Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make my bookish life easier

Top 10 TuesdayThis week’s topic is things that make our lives as book bloggers easier and/or better. Sadly, I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with ten unique, specific things. But it’s a fact that blogging can be hard sometimes…we’re busy, or in a reading slump, or just overwhelmed by the other stuff in our lives. So here are some things that always make me a little more excited about reading and blogging:

1. LibraryThing — I think I’m actually addicted to this website. You can catalog all your books and arrange them in collections, and there are wonderful “groups” where people chat about what they’re reading and invent fun challenges and suchlike. Apparently Goodreads is quite similar, but I wouldn’t know; I’m an LT-er through and through!

2. Interlibrary loan — This is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I now stalk upcoming releases at my library’s website so that I can put a hold on them as soon as humanly possible. I’m 3rd in line for Rainbow Rowell’sΒ Fangirl and Maggie Stiefvater’sΒ The Dream Thieves!

3. Girlebooks — If you like old classics written by women, you definitely need to check out this site. There are tons of cheap and free e-books by female authors, from Austen and BrontΓ« to Elizabeth von Arnim and Anna Katharine Green.

4. Read-a-thons — I love a good read-a-thon, not only because I can challenge myself but because I can connect with other book bloggers who are united by a common goal. Seeing someone else’s challenge entry or sign-up post can help me discover new blogs I might never have read otherwise.

5. Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping — I looooove the free shipping. Sure, I have to spend $25, but when is that ever a problem at Amazon?

6. Paperback Swap — Gotta love a site where you can trade old books you don’t want anymore for shiny, new-to-you books you’re dying to read! The books may be used, but they’re generally in good condition (at least in my experience), and the site is a great way to acquire titles that are hard to find or out of print!

7. Fantastic Fiction — Ever bought a book that looked interesting, only to find out that it was #5 in a series? The wonderful thing about Fantastic Fiction is that you can view an author’s entire output, and it’s all organized by series. I use this all the time to figure out which book by an author I should read next!

8. The book blogging community — Honestly, the thing that truly makes my bookish life great is you, my fellow bloggers. (I know, I know, super cheesy, but it’s true!) I’ve learned about so many amazing books through you guys! And it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my book geekery…there are tons of other equally big nerds out there! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make my bookish life easier

    • Christina says:

      Thanks — I just felt like a change! Also, you should definitely check out Girlebooks, if you have an e-reader that can handle epub (a.k.a. anything but a Kindle). I kind of binged on free e-books last month! πŸ™‚

  1. ablightedone says:

    Wow, thanks for the Girlebooks link! That site looks amazing! My brother used to use Paperback Swap and I’ve been thinking about using it lately!

    Also, your site/banner is gorgeous!

    • Christina says:

      I’ve downloaded soooo many free books from Girlebooks! It’s really great if you like the kind of books they have. And thanks for the banner compliment — I just changed it recently! πŸ™‚

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