Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: We must have died alone

Tune in Tuesday with KatelynStrangely enough, the first place I ever heard this song was an episode of “Gilmore Girls”; it played underneath the first kiss between Lane and Dave Rogowski in “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” (3×09). It’s hard to imagine a more incongruous song for a romantic moment…this song is heavy and kind of heartbreaking. But I love the haunting guitar riff at the beginning! So for this week’s Tune in Tuesday, I give you “The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie:


8 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday with Katelyn: We must have died alone”

    1. Thanks! I really wanted a change, and I like how fresh and clean this layout looks. And I agree — it’s a very odd song choice for that scene, but it kind of works!

  1. I don’t think I ever really pay attention to the music played in the background of Gilmore Girls until I hear it somewhere else, so this was a first for me.

    1. Haha, sometimes I feel like the old lady of the meme…but I do like classic songs, so I try to pick a mix of different eras and genres. And Bowie is awesome, so of course I had to share him! 🙂

  2. From all I’ve heard about Gilmore Girls, I’m sure this song was perfect for it. lol. I think I need to try this show out… better late than never, right?! Thanks for sharing some classic Bowie!

    Here’s my Tune in Tuesday!

    1. OMG, you should totally watch “Gilmore Girls”! It’s such a great mixture of comedy and heart, and it’s so smart. I do think it started to decline in the 5th season, but then again, very few shows are great from beginning to end!

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