Review: Royal Blood

Royal BloodRhys Bowen, Royal Blood

Lady Georgiana Rannoch, still both royal and impoverished, is desperately searching for a way to make ends meet — especially when her brother Binky and his odious wife Fig come to London expecting her to feed and house them. So when the queen suggests that Georgie represent the British crown at a royal wedding in Romania, she jumps at the chance for a taste of adventure and temporary freedom from her financial woes. When Georgie arrives at the royal palace — which is inevitably located in Transylvania — she is impressed by its suitably gloomy and gothic atmosphere. But when one of the wedding guests, an unpopular Bulgarian dignitary, is poisoned during the house party, it’s up to Georgie to discover the murderer before the tragedy escalates into an international incident.

I started this series a few years ago but lost track of it somewhere along the way, so I’m glad I finally decided to pick up the next book! I really enjoy the light, breezy tone of this series. Georgie is an extremely likable protagonist, a bit silly sometimes, but also full of spunk. I also love the 1930s setting, which allows for glamorous evening parties but also hints at the international strife that will soon erupt into World War II. The mystery plot itself is very slight, with a solution that basically comes out of nowhere; but since I enjoy the setting and characters, I can forgive a relatively weak plot. I definitely wouldn’t recommend the book as a stand-alone novel, but fans of historical mysteries and cozies should give this series a try!

6 thoughts on “Review: Royal Blood

  1. Lisa says:

    When I came across the first one of the series in the library, I was quickly hooked. I think Georgie is a great character, but I also enjoy the awful Fig! I’ve just gotten the new one, though I haven’t read it yet. (You have a great story ahead of you, with last year’s Christmas-set book.)

  2. samantha1020 says:

    I need to get back to this series as well! I really, really enjoyed the first two books or so but then I just haven’t found the time to continue on. Thanks for making me want to do just that 🙂 Great review!

    • Christina says:

      Thanks! I think this is an easy series to get back into…there were enough allusions to the previous books that I could follow everything very well. So jump back in anytime! 🙂

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