Review: Chimes at Midnight

Chimes at MidnightSeanan McGuire, Chimes at Midnight

October Daye, faerie knight and private detective, is making it her mission to get goblin fruit off the streets of San Francisco. More potent than any human drug, goblin fruit will cause a human or changeling to become addicted with just one taste; its victims will become swallowed up in their dreams, wasting away and eventually dying. When Toby discovers the corpse of yet another changeling addict, she decides to petition the Queen of the Mists for help. But instead of listening to Toby’s arguments, the queen promptly exiles her, giving her only three days to get out of town forever. Reeling from shock, Toby nonetheless decides to fight back — and soon discovers some interesting details about the queen’s accession to her throne.

This book is yet another wonderful installment of the Toby Daye series. I don’t actually read a lot of urban fantasy, but I was hooked on these books from the beginning. I love Toby’s hard-boiled, self-deprecating voice, and it’s easy to root for her even when she’s getting herself into ever more dangerous situations. I think this book in particular was an excellent showcase for all the secondary characters: from Tybalt and May to Quentin and the Luidaeg, everyone seems to have a moment to shine. Also, the mystery of Quentin’s background is finally revealed! This is definitely more of a “plot” book than a “character” book, though; it’s Toby’s race against time to avoid banishment that drives the story forward. Overall, this is another strong installment of a great series — can’t wait for the next one!

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