BEA Day 4: The Wrath of (Book)Con

Finally, it’s my last post about BEA 2014! (But you can still check out parts one, two, and three.) The biggest lesson I learned from BookCon is that I will (most likely) NOT be doing it again! It was absolutely INSANE. The prior days of BEA were limited to people with some type of connection to the publishing industry, but BookCon was open to the public; anyone who bought the (relatively inexpensive) ticket could come. As a result, the Javits was almost unbearably crowded, and the lines were ridiculous.

I had just two goals for the day: (1) get Cary Elwes’ autograph and (2) see the interview with Amy Poehler and Martin Short. First, Cary Elwes was set to arrive at 11:30, so I (feeling very wise and superior) decided to get in line at 10:00. And the line was already HUGE, snaking up and down corridors multiple times! Also, the poor girls in charge of wrangling the line didn’t really seem to know what they were doing. They kept directing us to move to different places and to shift positions…as a result, I’m pretty sure I ended up ahead of some people who got there before me. And meanwhile, some people came up to the line and jumped right in the middle of it, presumably unaware that there was a whole other segment of the line that they’d missed! In short, it was utter chaos. Fortunately, I did eventually get to the front of the line! This is what happened:

CARY ELWES: Hi, what’s your name?

ME: Christina.

CARY ELWES: Hi, Christina, I’m Cary. *extends hand to shake*

ME: *shakes hand* *swoons*

Cary Elwes 1

Cary Elwes 2

So that was pretty awesome. And I did talk to some really nice people in the line, so it wasn’t a total drag to be waiting there!

Then I immediately got in line for the Amy Poehler event, which was supposed to start at 12:30. I got in line at 11:30, and once again, the line was incredibly long already! I did eventually get a seat in the events hall, but I was in the very back, and I could barely see anything. (It didn’t help that some woman in front of me thought it would be appropriate to stand up so she could film the whole talk on her phone.) At least I could still hear them, though, and it was a thrill to listen to Amy Poehler (whom I love from “Parks & Rec”) talk about her career and her upcoming memoir, Yes Please!

BEA Books + Swag Day 4
(Books and swag from BookCon. Note the awesome button in the bottom right corner!)

When that was over, I thought about going to a couple more panel discussions…but honestly, I was wiped out! I went back to my hotel to chill out and read. In the evening I went to a local pub for the “Meet and Drink” activity sponsored by Katelyn from Tales of Books and Bands (host of the Tune in Tuesday meme!), Andrea from The Overstuffed Bookcase, Alexa from Alexa Loves Books, and Jen from YA Romantics. It was really fun to meet some great bloggers in a less hectic setting — and I definitely needed a drink by the end of BookCon! 🙂 I’ve begun following a bunch of new-to-me blogs, and I hope to increase my participation in the blogging community in the future!

BEA Suitcase
This is what my suitcase looked like on the way home from BEA. My dirty clothes were flung haphazardly into a backpack. I’ve got my priorities straight!

8 thoughts on “BEA Day 4: The Wrath of (Book)Con

  1. indiereadergirl0329 says:

    You got some good books there. And it all fit in that tiny suitcase of yours! I’m shocked. Impressed, too. I’m going to pass on Book Con, too. I mostly stayed on the BEA side. It was too crazy on the Book Con side.

    • Christina says:

      BookCon was INSANE. You were smart to stay on the BEA side — it was way less crowded! And yeah, I’m a bit surprised I squeezed everything into my suitcase as well! 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    Ah the fun and madness that is BEA! Jealous you snagged Landline and Mortal Heart–those are among my highly anticipated fall books!

  3. curlygeek04 says:

    Thanks for the detailed BEA posts! Crowds freak me out and I’m no good at meeting celebrities (don’t know what to say to them), but very cool you met Cary Elwes. So, you would do BEA again but skip BookCon? Your other posts sound awesome, plus you got Landline!

    • Christina says:

      Haha, I don’t know what to say to celebs either. I comfort myself with the thought that it doesn’t really matter, as they won’t remember me 5 minutes later!

      And yeah, I think my conclusion is that I would go to BEA again, but I’d skip BookCon and probably also BloggerCon (I feel like if you’ve done it once, you probably don’t need to do it again!).

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